About Dynamical System Design Laboratory

We started out laboratory as 'Mechanical Dynamics Laboratory' in December of 2011. We have developed vibrational control, control system design for manufacture and so on. Furthermore, we have addressed a human-system interaction such as an assistance system for workers, a training system for improving the worker's skill. In our research activities, we feel the need to the optimum design for dynamical system involving human action. Therefore, we rename our laboratory name to 'Dynamical System Design Laboratory' from April of 2020, and forcus on design of human-system interaction in the dynamical systems for manufacture, robots, medical and welfare devices and so on.

Laboratory's Overview

Name Dynamical System Design Laboratory
(Former Name: Mechanical Dynamics Lab.)
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Course of Mechanical Engineering, Integrated Graduate School of Medicine, Engineering, and Agricultural, University of Yamanashi
Academic Staff Professor Yoshiyuki Noda
Assistant Professor Sinyoung Lee
Postdoc. Researcher Yuta Sueki
Number of
14 (at the date of April 1, 2022)
8 Master's Students, 6 Undergraduate Students
Related Academic
IEEE,Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers,Society of Instrument and Control Engineers,Robotics Society of Japan,The Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers,Japan Foundry Engineering Society
  • Vertical Articulated Robots 2.5kg Payload(DENSO),7kg Payload(DENSO)
  • Colaborative Robot 10kg Payload(YASUKAWA)
  • Transporter with Leveling Platform(KER)
  • Parallel-two-wheel Transporter with Underslung Body(KER)
  • 3-DOF Joystick with Force Display(KER)
  • Linear Actuator(KER)
  • Laboratory-type Overhead Traveling Crane(Self-built)
  • 3-DOF Joystick with Force Display(Self-built)
  • Automatic Pouring Machine(Self-built)
  • Surgical Training Simulator with Force Display(Self-built)
  • Upper Limb Rehabilitation System with Force Display(Self-built)
  • Training Simulator with Force Display for Pouring Work(Self-built)
  • Linear Actuator(Self-built)
  • Head Mount Display (Oculus)
  • Infrared Thermography Camera(Optris)
  • Handy 3D Scanner(EinScan)
  • 3D Printer(FlashForge)
  • Heating Mantle(Taika Denki) 5L Beaker, Temperature 450degC